We offer a full range of serious security screening & detection products.

X-ray scanners and Walk Through Metal Detectors for airport security, government buildings, schools, public facilities and much more. Along with hand held wand detectors for body searches.

Scintrex Trace Detectors division, also provides trace detection equipment used by military, customs, industry and law enforcement officials to locate and identify narcotics and explosives.

Garrett Metal Detectors
Ranger Security Detectors
Scintrex Trace Detectors

Scintrex Trace,
X-ray, Walk-Thru Detectors

Our security systems are easy to install and use and the components are designed for maximum reliability. On-site installation and operator training are available worldwide and all products are covered by a full factory warranty.

Carl Bell
Authorized Representative & Sales Agent
Ph 828-238-1203
E-mail: security@securitydetectors.net

To inquire about or purchase:

• Walk through metal detectors for airport security, government, schools, prisons and other uses
• Handwand handheld metal detectors to enhance school security by detecting hidden weapons
• Building security through conveyorized x-ray scanners for baggage and package inspection
• Hand-held narcotics and explosive detection equipments
• Large vehicle bomb detection systems